Display & Video 360 (Bid Manager) Brand Controls Basics Assessment Answers

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100% Free & updated Display & Video 360 Brand Controls Basics (Bid Manager Brand Controls Basics Assessment) Certification Exam Questions & Answers.

The old name of this certification is the Bid Manager Brand Controls Basics Assessment.

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Display & Video 360 Brand Controls Basics Assessment Details:

  • Time limit: No Time Limit
  • Questions: 4
  • Pass rate: 100%
  • Retake period: If you don’t pass the assessment, you can take it immediately.

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A Partner Program channel can serve ads on YouTube once it reaches 100 views.

  • False
  • True

How does an advertiser create a blacklist of apps and sites where their ads will never serve?

  • Create a list of negative keywords, and set it as a blacklist for that advertiser.
  • Create a channel of URLs and apps, and set it as a blacklist for that advertiser.
  • Create a spreadsheet of URLs and apps, and share it with your account manager.
  • Enable the API for blacklisted channels, and submit through a structured data file.

An advertiser wants to serve on sites that are suitable for general audiences, similar to movie ratings.

Which targeting option should they use?

  • Digital content labels
  • Motion picture ratings
  • Video ad position
  • Viewability of 20 percent or greater

To be eligible for advertising, which of the following must videos comply with?

  • Advertiser friendly content guidelines
  • AdSense Program Policies
  • Search Network Policies
  • Nothing

These were created to promote a positive community for video creators, users, and advertisers alike on YouTube.

  • Google Display Network Policies
  • AdSense Program Policies
  • YouTube Community Guidelines
  • YouTube Partner Program

How does Google determine which content is suitable for advertising on the Display Network?

  • All publishers are required to adhere to the AdSense policies, which dictate the types of content suitable for ads.
  • Publishers tell Google which content is suitable for ads.
  • Once Google approves a new publisher, all of that publisher’s content is eligible to serve ads through the Display Network.
  • It categorizes content into three categories: low, medium, and premier.

Who controls the type of site content that’s acceptable for your ads to appear on?

  • You
  • Industry-respected certification organizations
  • Google
  • Consumers who watch ads
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