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What goal does a bid strategy use to optimize bids?

  • Key performance indicator.
  • Budget pacing metrics.
  • Search terms data.
  • Ad copy.

Bid strategies can find the most opportunities under which condition?

  • A very focused portfolio that is not very complex.
  • A large portfolio with many trade-offs and opportunities.
  • A large portfolio that focuses on a single device.
  • A small portfolio with very clear goals.

What are the three types of attribution models you can choose to build in Search Ads 360?

  • Data-driven, Strategic, and Custom
  • Default, Predetermined, and Collaborative
  • Strategic, Custom and Optimized.
  • Default, Custom, and Data-driven

A client wants to track conversions based on the number of sales. What type of Floodlight tag can track this?

  • Transaction
  • Custom variable
  • Cross-channel
  • Action

What added benefits does the Data Studio integration in Search Ads 360 provide over using executive reports?

  • Integration with Data Studio allows the creation of unified dashboards, with data from various Google and third-party sources displayed alongside Search Ads 360 data.
  • The visualization power of Data Studio can be used to create beautiful reports which tell impactful stories, including multiple variations of charts as well as bespoke designs and brands.
  • It provides all of these options.
  • Data Studio leverages the collaborative power of Google Drive and makes it easy to understand and share reports with those who need them to make better data-driven decisions.

What is the new name for Google’s DoubleClick Suite?

  • Display & Video 360.
  • Search Ads 360.
  • Google Marketing Platform.
  • Google 360.

What would you do first to report on data for your “thank you page” Floodlight activity?

  • Enable support for Google Analytics.
  • Create a Floodlight activity group.
  • Add an attribution model.
  • Create a Floodlight activity column.

What information can a Floodlight tag track using custom variables?

  • Customer’s full name
  • Email addresses
  • Promo codes
  • IP addresses

What is one advantage of using Search Ads 360 to manage multiple large and complex campaigns?

  • Centralized and collaborative campaign management.
  • Exclusive access to Google search advertising.
  • The capability of running promotions on one engine at a time.
  • Reduced cost.

Jenny is an agency manager and Jonathan is an agency user. Based on these different permissions, which of the following is true?

  • Both Jenny and Jonathan are able to add or remove agency users. However, Jonathan is unable to create, customize, or run reports.
  • Both Jenny and Jonathan are able to add or remove engine accounts. However, Jonathan is unable to view the Advertiser Settings sections, which includes Floodlight settings.
  • Both Jenny and Jonathan can edit everything in all advertisers. However, Jonathan will not be able to add or remove users, engine accounts, or view the Advertiser settings sections, which includes Floodlight settings.
  • Both Jenny and Jonathan can edit everything in all advertisers. However, Jonathan will not be able to use the Search Ads 360 API to download reports and upload conversions for any of the advertisers in the agency.

Which of these definitions best describes what data-driven attribution models can do?

  • Data-driven attribution models help you to monitor the performance of keywords and product groups. These models adjust bids to achieve the highest number of conversions, the greatest amount of revenue, the best position, or highest number of clicks your campaign budgets allow.
  • Data-driven attribution models enable you set and manage the budget for groups of campaigns and enable a budget bid strategy to allocate the money and adjust bids.
  • Data-driven attribution models help you get a more accurate picture of your conversion by analyzing interactions in your campaigns and creating a model for distributing conversion credit based on where an interaction occurs in a conversion path.
  • Data-driven attribution models help you determine which ads within an ad group are best at helping you to achieve your conversion goals by starting all the ads at the same time and displaying them evenly.

What is the new name for DoubleClick Search?

  • Google Marketing Platform
  • Google Ads
  • Google 360
  • Search Ads 360

Jorge wants to examine performance by device type to compare conversions between desktop, mobile, and tablet. How would he view this information in the performance dashboard?

  • Change the date range to focus on dates that tablet users would be most active.
  • Segment data by device type.
  • Tag the site with a device specific Floodlight tag.
  • Select the engine accounts tab and examine search engines used by mobile users.

Anna is ready to get started using Search Ads 360 to set up her first search campaign. What are the correct steps and order she needs to perform them in?

  • Create ad groups; create campaign; create advertiser; create keywords; create engine account and create ads.
  • Create engine account; create keywords; create ads; create campaign; create advertiser and create ad groups.
  • Create advertiser; create engine account; create campaign; create ad groups; create ads and create keywords.
  • Create ads; create keywords; create engine account; create campaign; create advertiser and create ad groups.

Ali uses spreadsheets to track his clients’ budgets, manually calculate trends, and implement formulas to work out target spend. He also uses them to create the daily budget reports that he attaches in emails to his team. How can Search Ads 360 make Ali’s task simpler?

  • Ali can use the Budget Management feature to create budget groups, so he can specify a budget target and the ROI, number of conversions, or revenue target he’d like to hit with that budget. He can also use the in-built reporting feature to track performance relative to spend.
  • Instead of manually reporting and planning budgets, Ali can use Bid Strategies to create an automated bid strategy that will then adjust bids for specific keywords to maximize customer requests at the optimal advertising spend.
  • Ali can use the landing page test to test his conversions, making sure that he adds Floodlight or Google Analytics tags to all of the landing pages in the test. This will give him insights into which pages produce the best return on investment.
  • Ali can use the Budget Management feature to manage and report on campaigns, ad groups, ads, and keywords outside the traditional campaign structure. He can also add multiple labels to one object for even more reporting flexibility.