eMarketing Institute: SEO Certification Exam Answers 2024

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This exam will check your SEO skills and verify how you have learned to enrich and promote your brand online.

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eMarketing Institute – SEO Certification Details:

  • Questions: 50 questions
  • Time limit: 60 minutes to complete the assessment
  • Pass rate: 50% or higher to pass
  • Retake period: If you don’t pass the assessment, You can immediately retake the exam.
  • Expiration date: No

eMarketing Institute Certification

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βœ… Which of these activities is not recommended when it comes to acquiring backlinks for your website?

  • Publish guest articles on fashion blogs
  • Promote your website by taking part in fashion forums online
  • Purchase 1000 links from a web promoter

βœ… What is meta description?

  • A short description of your web page that lets a search engine know what the page is about.
  • A place to put the keyword for a page.
  • A description of your company that is displayed above the title tag.

βœ… Using the same keywords too many time on your web pages, which has a negative effect on user experience and ranking, is a practice called:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Keyword density
  • Keyword research

βœ… What does SERP stand for?

  • Search Entry Rating Procedure
  • Search Engine Result Page
  • Standard Enlisting Rank Protocol

βœ… A friendly URL is:

  • The URL with cryptic text and a lot of numbers
  • Short, with recognizable text
  • Short, with recognizable text and relevant keywords

βœ… If you want to create friendly url, which character should you use to separate words in such url?

  • hyphen (-)
  • underscore (_)
  • space (%20)

βœ… What is the number used to signify a URL redirect?

  • 404
  • 301
  • 401

βœ… What is the format for sitemaps recommended the most by search engines and SEOS?

  • .txt file
  • RSS
  • XML

βœ… Indexing of websites on the internet for the use of search engines is done by ________.

  • Algorithms
  • Spiders
  • Quality Raters

βœ… What does SEM stand for?

  • Self Employed Marketers
  • Standard Elimination Method
  • Search Engine Marketing

βœ… What term best denotes content of a website that spiders can understand and index easily?

  • Readable content
  • Quality content
  • Indexable Content

βœ… What is the approximate length of a title tag that will be considered by most search engines?

  • 120 characters
  • 40 characters
  • 65 characters

βœ… Keyword research helps you:

  • Determine the keyword density on your website
  • Explore the competitiveness of the keywords and estimated amount of traffic for those keywords
  • Find out how to use keywords in the content

βœ… Which of these are not phases in the keyword research?

  • Identifying keywords and exploring their competitiveness
  • Using the keyword research tool to get keyword ideas and removing the generic keywords
  • Using the keyword research tool to discover broken links and error pages

βœ… Which of these is not a possible reason why spiders might not be able to crawl some pages in the link structure of a website?

  • The title tag is too short
  • Pages built in Frames or I-frames
  • Search Forms

βœ… If you were to use keywords in the same color as the background of your website, thus hiding them, what kind of seo technique would you be practicing?

  • Leverage branding
  • White hat SEO
  • Black hat SEO

βœ… The long-tail on search demand curve accounts for roughly ______ of search traffic.

  • 70%
  • 50%
  • 10%

βœ… What does rss stand for?

  • Really Simple Syndication
  • Route Selective Submission
  • Recorded Signal System

βœ… Google is more inclined towards keywords found :

  • In the middle of title tags
  • At the ending of title tags
  • In the beginning of title tags

βœ… Which type of link carries the most value or preference for a webmaster or SEO?

  • Manual outreach Links
  • Natural editorial Links
  • Self promotional Links

βœ… When planning a link building strategy, which of the following cannot be thought of as assets?

  • Data
  • Money
  • Content

βœ… If someone wants to get more deep-linking for the website, what type of links are they asking for?

  • Links that are gotten from influential websites
  • Links that point to particular pages well inside their site structure
  • Links that point to the brand information of your website

βœ… What is referred to as a ‘hook’ in link building?

  • The element of a content that makes a potential linker interested in your content
  • The code used to embed a link on someone’s website
  • The part of a URL that contains a keyword

βœ… Followerwonk is a tool that allows you to _______.

  • Search internet data for other websites like yours
  • Follow competitor’s keyword searches
  • Search the bios of Twitter users

βœ… What does search engine saturation mean?

  • The amount of websites competing for a particular keyword.
  • The limit of a search engine’s indexing capacity.
  • The amount of pages of a website indexed by a search engine.

βœ… What does anchor text mean?

  • The largest body of text on a page.
  • The visible text which is hyperlinked to another page.
  • The prominent part of the title tag.

βœ… What does broken link building tactic include?

  • Finding broken links on websites and notifying the webmasters
  • Fixing internal links on one’s website
  • Hosting redirects from broken links on your own website

βœ… The first panda update (also known as ‘farmer’) targeted which type of websites in specific?

  • Social media pages
  • Blogs about SEO techniques
  • Content farms/Link farms

βœ… What is ego-bait link building?

  • Building content that boosts the self-esteem of users
  • Inserting popular celebrity keywords into title tags
  • Using content that flatters or interests the webmaster you are looking to get links from

βœ… What is the highest google pagerank a webpage can have?

  • 10
  • 1000
  • 100

βœ… How do sitemaps help a website with search engines?

  • Google and Yahoo! give higher rankings to websites with better sitemaps
  • They help users understand a website better
  • Search engine spiders can reach more pages on a website because of sitemaps

βœ… Domain authority is a metric maintained by?

  • Google
  • Moz
  • Bing

βœ… Which of these is not a metric used in link building?

  • Domain Authority
  • Number of Links
  • Number of Advertisements

βœ… The meta robots tag should be placed in which part of an html file?

  • The head area
  • The main body
  • The footer or bottom of the page

βœ… The nofollow attribute:

  • Does not count as a vote of approval but passes on link juice
  • Does not pass on link juice but counts as a vote of approval
  • Does not pass on link juice and does not count as a vote of approval

βœ… The canonical tag is used to inform search engines:

  • Which URL to count as authoritative when dealing with several URLs leading to the same page
  • Which page is the homepage of a website
  • Which pages should not show up in SERPs

βœ… The reason why you should avoid hosting free articles or content that is common on the web?

  • Because you will not gain new traffic
  • Because you could be penalized by Google for duplicate content
  • Because they might be controversial

βœ… Suppose you want a page to pass on value but not to be indexed, which tag would you use?

  • Meta robots = “no index, no follow”
  • Meta robots = “no index, follow”
  • Meta robots = “index, no follow”

βœ… What is the difference between page authority and domain authority?

  • One is maintained by Google and the other by Yahoo!
  • One is maintained by Google and the other by Moz
  • Both are maintained by Moz, one ranks a page and the other ranks the whole domain

βœ… Which of the following is not necessarily a black hat tactic?

  • Link exchanges
  • Buying links
  • Hidden text

βœ… Google webmaster tools can help you with:

  • Determining missing or duplicate meta description or title tag
  • Providing keyword ideas
  • Monitoring competitors

βœ… What order represents the structure of leveraging branding?

  • Brand Name ? Primary Keyword ? Secondary Keyword
  • Primary Keyword ? Brand name ? Secondary Keyword
  • Primary Keyword ? Secondary Keyword ? Brand name

βœ… What does the ‘no archive’ tag instruct a spider?

  • It tells it not to index a certain page.
  • It instructs a spider not to save a cache copy.
  • It instructs a spider not to follow a certain page.

βœ… What is the best practice for using java keeping search engines in mind?

  • Spiders cannot read Java so it should not be used.
  • Java can be used but it is best to accompany it with relevant HTML text.
  • Java content is preferred by Google.

βœ… What does the ‘no snippet’ tag tell a search engine?

  • It tells a search engine not to display a description with the page’s title and URL.
  • It tells the search engine to overlook any keywords on a page.
  • It tells a search engine to ignore the images on a page.

βœ… Moz’s keyword analysis tool, ravens research central and advanced web ranking are all examples of tools used in:

  • Link building
  • URL structuring
  • Keyword research tools

βœ… Pagespeed insights is a tool that can help you fix parts of the website that might be having negative effect on the site speed. Those parts include:

  • Optimization of images, keyword density and friendly URLs
  • Optimization of images, reducing server response time, browser cashing and avoiding redirects
  • Optimization of images, optimization of videos and monitoring statistics

βœ… Why are long-tail searches closer to resulting in purchasing items?

  • Because they already have a precise idea of what the user is looking for.
  • Because long-tail searches are popular.
  • Because they are easier to compete.

βœ… Google prefers lengthy content over content that contains approximately __________

  • 1500 words
  • 3000 words
  • 500 words

βœ… Should responsive design be favored over websites with separate versions for mobiles and computers?

  • It does not make a difference.
  • Separate versions are better.
  • Google prefers websites with responsive design.