eMarketing Institute: Blogging Course Certification Exam Answers 2024

100% Free Updated eMarketing Institute: Blogging Course Certification Exam Questions & Answers.

The goal of this course is to help you understand what blogging is, why it is so popular, and how you can benefit from starting a blog.

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eMarketing Institute – Blogging Course Certification Details:

  • Questions: 50 questions
  • Time limit: 60 minutes to complete the assessment
  • Pass rate: 50% or higher to pass
  • Retake period: If you don’t pass the assessment, You can immediately retake the exam.
  • Expiration date: No

eMarketing Institute Certification

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βœ… Nowadays, a lot of companies are focusing on:

βœ… What was the main purpose of panda update?

βœ… What are the reasons that caused blogging to become so popular nowadays?

βœ… Bloggers consider themselves a part of a large blogging community, known as:

βœ… Unlike website pages, blog content is updated:

βœ… Blog topics are much diverse than website pages, which is why they have more potential to generate:

βœ… What is the characteristic of a niche blog?

βœ… What kind of posts are shared on an affiliate blog?

βœ… Which of these blogging platforms offers the highest level of flexibility and customization options?

βœ… Which blogging platform allows custom domain registration for free?

βœ… When choosing which blogging platform to use, think about:

βœ… Which of these is an essential for bloggers?

βœ… The domain name bloggers choose can include:

βœ… Which of these affects the choice of blog template?

βœ… One of these can help bloggers monetize their content: which one?

βœ… What can enhance the performance and the features of a blogging platform?

βœ… When creating a blogging strategy, you should determine goals which are:

βœ… Defining the target group can help you with many aspects, including:

βœ… When you think about the content ideas, start by focusing on the:

βœ… Which of these is a useful metric for evaluating blogging strategy?

βœ… Using blogging to support business growth and promote online business is called:

βœ… Which of these is an aspect you need to consider when using blogging to promote your business?

βœ… Blogging as your business can provide:

βœ… Starting a blog as an individual offers many benefits, including:

βœ… How does blogging help with seo?

βœ… Lack of time to blog regularly is one of the issues that bloggers face: how can they combat this issue?

βœ… What is blogger outreach?

βœ… Which of these is a benefit of blogger outreach?

βœ… The first step in defining guest blogging strategy is:

βœ… If you want to become a guest blogger and you have found a blog to reach out to, you need to:

βœ… What is a vlog?

βœ… Unlike blogs, vlogs provide:

βœ… If you want to have an opportunity to edit the video content before publishing it, you need to create:

βœ… If you are interested in improving your business-to-customer relationship through vlogging, topics you can cover in the videos include:

βœ… Which of these monetization tactics include the payment based on the conversions?

βœ… When a sponsored post is used to monetize a blog, the commission to the blogger is paid:

βœ… Unlike banner advertising, ads displayed with adsense are:

βœ… Which of these conditions needs to be met to use email marketing as a successful monetization tactic?

βœ… How can you monetize email marketing campaign?

βœ… How can you turn a blog into a business?

βœ… Which of these things might be slowing down the blog loading time?

βœ… Which of these helps with getting organic traffic?

βœ… Which formatting options you should use to enhance readability?

βœ… Interaction with your readers and getting feedback can help you with:

βœ… What blog statistics you should monitor to improve your blog performance?

βœ… Which of these are opportunities for online promotion and content distribution?

βœ… Why is interlinking important?

βœ… Which of these is a link tag that is used in content optimization?

βœ… Which of these is a part of on-site optimization?