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  • Questions: 44 questions
  • Pass rate: 80% or higher to pass
  • Retake period: 24 hours
  • Validity Period: 12 Months

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True or false? The metrics in retail insights are ad attributed.

Alify has worked with Amazon to create a campaign that uses an Easter egg for unique shopping queries. For which of the following goals is this strategy LEAST likely to be effective?

Chukwudi wants to understand when his brand’s customers are most likely to buy so that he can do a homepage takeover on a day that shoppers are most likely to purchase +his products. Which audience insight would help him find this information?

Which of the following is a benefit to combining display ads with sponsored ads?

True or false? It’s best to maximize the number of clicks a customer must take between the initial click of an ad and the end action, in order to obtain the most accurate conversion metrics.

True or false? Advertisers of brands that do not sell on Amazon can leverage Amazon’s industry-specific insights that can be used to make ads more relevant to customers.

Darci is reviewing an overlap for her brand and notes that one of the overlapping audiences has a size of 4. What does this indicate?

Which retail metric highlights how frequently an advertiser’s products show up in organic widgets such as recommendations or “frequently bought together with”?

When should an advertiser consider leveraging below the fold (BTF) placements?

Retail insights can look back to compare insights from _____________ in the past?

Brighton wants to understand the time between repeat purchases of his brand’s products so he can find the ideal time to reengage shoppers and drive loyalty. Which audience insight would help Brighton achieve this goal?

Ads that appear on Fire TV may be best suited for which type of campaign goal?

YY Finance does not sell product or services on Amazon but is interested in leveraging Amazon Advertising solutions. Which campaign type is NOT available to YY Finance?

Nino is an advertiser for an apparel company that sells both men’s and women’s clothing. How might Nino best use audience insights to see how his brand performs in each category?

Which sponsored ad is best suited to drive discoverability by helping to increase product visibility in shopping results and related product detail pages?

Wheelhouse, an advertising agency, wants to reengage shoppers who viewed one of their client’s product pages but did not purchase. Which solution is best to reengage these shoppers?

HealthyByte wants to engage “healthy lifestyle” customers. They’ve determined that there are three core audiences that are likely to respond differently to different creatives. Which ad solution should HealthyByte consider using to effectively reach all three audiences?

Toby is adding video to his client’s campaign plan because he recognizes that video is most effective in meeting which goal?

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Jaqueline used the audience planning tool to uncover an opportunity to engage shoppers that have shown purchase intent in her products but did not purchase. Which of the following approaches would you suggest to Jaqueline?

Rufina referenced insights for similar brands and determined that, in her brand’s category, her brand was below the category benchmark for time between purchases. What type of campaign strategy could Rufina run to help her brand reach the benchmark?

Green Telecommunications is about to launch a campaign with a creative that states “We have the fastest LG network.” Why might this ad lead to a poor customer experience?

Why is it important for an advertiser to consider the length of time between shoppers’ discovery and final purchase?

True or false? It is recommended that advertisers request the audience planning tool report monthly in order to assess the impact of varying strategies.

Ocean World, a swimwear brand, considers summer to be their peak season. What is the recommended approach for them to help customers discover, consider, and purchase their products during and outside of peak season?

How can an advertiser use Amazon on box ads?

Which type of campaign can help engage new customers and drive brand discovery?

True or false? Amazon custom landing pages must be developed by the advertiser’s creative team.

Caren is planning an ad campaign aimed at retaining her brand’s existing customers. Which solution would she use to drive loyalty through Subscribe & Save messaging?

Using the audience planning tool, Dae Woon has discovered an opportunity to engage audiences considering his brand but have not yet demonstrated purchase intent. Which of the following strategies would you recommend Dae Woon take in their next campaign?

Out-of-home (OOH) executions may be best suited for which type of goal?

Geralda has set up an Amazon Advertising campaign that directs traffic to her brand’s Store on Amazon. Which type of campaign is this?

Which Amazon custom advertising solution is described as “out of home placements that are brought into homes”?

Download Amazon Ads Campaign Planning Certification Answers – PDF

Which of the following strategies has been shown to increase reach of high-intent shoppers by 10 times?

Which of the following options is the most useful strategy in reaching customers to achieve short-term goals?

What is one benefit of launching an out-of-home (OOH) campaign with Amazon?

True or false? The audience planning tool can provide insights into how often an audience engages with a brand.

Advertisers focusing on a short-term business goal, like driving sales, should be reaching audiences in which stages of the decision journey?

True or false? An always-on strategy may help advertisers experiment during slow periods so they can uncover best practices to perform better during peak time.

Prita’s Amazon Advertising campaign is directing customers to her brand’s website? Which type of campaign is this?

Which of the following statements about the audience planning tool is INCORRECT.

Which of the following is generally used to drive short-term sales?

Emanuele is about to launch a link-out campaign that directs shoppers to an insurance quote form. He wants to ensure optimizations are made in real-time to best measure the campaign’s performance. Which of the following suggestions would you make to Emanuele?

Adaeze is an advertiser at an athletic wear company promoting a new women’s running shoe. She used audience insights to determine that shoppers most likely to engage with her brand were married women, so she tailored her creative to best reach this audience. Which audience insight did she use to learn this?

Which of these sponsored ad types is better suited for branding awareness campaigns?

Shunsuke is an advertiser at a kitchen appliance company. He ran an awareness campaign to promote his brand’s award winning toaster. A few months after the campaign ended, he noticed that the baseline performance was overall higher on glance views and conversion rate across many of his products. What is this likely to mean?

Juan is looking to drive product discoverability for a new product during key research moments in the customer journey. Which of the following solutions best fits this use case?

Rosalva is an advertiser at a home goods brand. She wants to understand the percentage of repeat versus one-off purchases made by her customers so she can determine which type of display campaign to run. Which audience insight would help Rosalva achieve this goal?

True or false? Customers tend to mostly shop during peak times, so campaigns should be limited to these specific peak periods.

Download Amazon Ads Campaign Planning Certification Answers – PDF

Meg is an advertiser at a consumer electronics company. She has run advertising campaigns on Amazon in the past, and after mixed results, wants to reconsider her approach. What should she first do before crafting an advertising strategy?

True or false? Pending eligibility, link-out campaigns are available to brands that sell on or off Amazon.

Which custom solution allows advertisers access to premium placement on Amazon’s homepage?

Franco has pulled an overlap report to learn more about his brand’s audiences. He sees an affinity score of 2. What does this indicate?

Amelie is setting up a link-out campaign for her client, a brand that sells home goods. The campaign’s ad mentions a 25% off coupon for new customers. What should Amelie consider in order to promote a positive customer experience?

Select all that apply: Amazon Brand Analytics can help you understand…

What is one benefit to advertisers who develop video content as a co-marketing campaign with Amazon, which is not available with standard video?

Select all that apply: Amazon Brand Analytics can…

Advertisers who sell in AND outside of the Amazon store can use the audience planning tool.

Marina wants to better understand her customer base for her art supplies. She is trying to decide if she should focus on reaching new audiences or decide to drive brand loyalty. To do so, Marina should use the brand engagement insight.

Johnson wants to review 3 years of shopping insights and understand daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly trends. Johnson can access this information by using Amazon Brand Analytics.

Juan Carlos is an advertiser of luxury perfumes. Juan Carlos would like to understand what audiences are the most similar ones to their existing customers that they could potentially reach through their advertising. He should use…

What stages of the shopping journey does the audience planning tool consider? Select all that apply.

Download Amazon Ads Campaign Planning Certification Answers – PDF