HubSpot Social Media Marketing Certification II Answers 2024

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HubSpot Social Media Marketing Certification II Exam Details:

  • Questions: 60 questions
  • Time limit: 3 hours
  • Pass rate: 80%
  • Retake period: 12 hours later.
  • Validity Period: 24 Months

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Which of these is NOT a good practice when repurposing long-form content into short-form videos?

Which of the following storytelling techniques is considered effective for social media?

Which of the following is a recommended practice in video creation?

Fill in the blank: Jamal Meneide mentions three pillars for video editing and post-production. They are concision, clarity, and _____.

Fill in the blank: One of the primary considerations when planning short-form video content is the ___________.

What is one of the reasons brands are moving towards community-led growth?

Select all that apply. Under what condition(s) might a company consider outsourcing their social media tasks?

What purpose does a call-to-action serve in a short-form video?

You’re collaborating with a video editing team on a social media campaign targeting a diverse, international audience. A team member suggests that text overlays or captions aren’t needed since the video’s audio is clear. How do you respond?

According to Jamal Meneide, which part of a short-form video is the most important?

Fill in the blank: _________ shopping is a trend where companies showcase their products in real-time, providing an engaging and interactive experience for customers.

Select all that apply. Why is user-generated content (UGC) important for social commerce?

How can live stream sales be made more engaging and interactive?

What is NOT a way to collaborate with micro-influencers for social commerce campaigns?

Fill in the blank: Visual information is cognitively processed ___ times faster than text-based information.

Select all that apply. For what reason(s) do we tell stories?

In storytelling, what does the ‘logic of emotion’ mean?

How does LinkedIn’s ‘Group Identity for B2B’ work?

Download HubSpot Social Media Marketing II Answers – PDF

Select all that apply. Which element(s) are important to consider when developing your community strategy?

You’re the new social media manager at a start-up company. During your first strategy meeting, an enthusiastic team member suggests choosing the platform for your social media community because it’s the most popular. How do you respond?

What is one tactic to ensure success in community building?

Select all that apply. According to the lesson, how can a community help businesses?

Your company’s marketing team is aiming to enhance its tracking capabilities to better understand user behavior across the web. A team member suggests that recent changes in privacy laws and data protection would make this easier. As an expert in the field, how do you respond?

Which of the following was identified as a significant change in the social media landscape?

What is one of the benefits of AI in social media content creation as explained by Kate Bradley Chernis?

A company has recently launched a new product and is curious about public sentiment. They’ve received a significant amount of social media comments about the product. Which of the following strategies would be the most effective way to better understand general public perception?

As the new social media strategist for a small American tech startup, you are tasked with expanding the company’s user base to Europe and Asia. You suggest to your manager that you want to use geotargeted ads on Meta and LinkedIn. You explain that this strategy would entail which of the following?

Which statement best describes the concept of Web3?

The SPACES model helps businesses determine the value of a community. What does the ‘A’ in SPACES stand for?

What’s the benefit of having a script for your videos?

What is NOT considered a best practice while creating short-form videos?

Fill in the blank: _________ is a recommended strategy to keep viewers engaged throughout a video.

You are advising a team of video content creators who are targeting a Gen Z audience. One of the creators mentions incorporating a technique they heard about called the ‘millennial pause’ into their editing style. How do you respond?

Which of the following is NOT recommended when creating short-form videos?

If you don’t have access to natural light when filming indoors, which affordable equipment could help create a well-lit environment?

When creating videos for social media, how should you hold your phone when recording?

Select all that apply. What is a benefit of filming videos with a smartphone for social media content?

Which of the following statements best describes the benefits of short-form videos?

Which of the following is NOT a technique you can use in your social commerce strategy?

What kind of influencer often has a smaller following, but a highly engaged audience that trusts their opinions?

Which of the following is a crucial factor to consider when developing a social commerce strategy?

Fill in the blank: The connection between social and commerce essentially involves driving ______ and providing the immediate opportunity to buy.

What is the projected value of global sales USD via social media platforms by 2026?

How can you maintain authenticity while using AI to generate social media content?

Select all that apply. What is a potential downside of relying on AI for social media content creation?

Which of the following is NOT a potential benefit of using AI in social media content creation?

Fill in the blank: In short-form video, editing styles should vary depending on the _________.

Nicole O’Donnell suggests using what type of individuals to act as inspiration in storytelling for brands?

What is the purpose of using the underdog archetype in a social media storytelling campaign?

Download HubSpot Social Media Marketing II Answers – PDF

Which storytelling framework would be best suited to showcase the company’s history, mission, and vision?

According to Lately’s Kate Bradley Chernis, where should you start when thinking about the structure of a story?

How can you connect your website or server to the Meta Conversions API?

What does Meta’s Conversions API aim to do?

Which type of marketing is characterized by targeting ads based on current events that customers may be interested in?

What is one of the potential benefits of using second-party data in advertising?

In the context of digital marketing, what is zero-party data?

Select all that apply. What are some of the new ways that marketers will need to adapt in a future without third-party cookies?

What is one of the changes happening in the field of digital advertising with respect to third-party cookies?

As a digital marketing manager, you’re in a meeting discussing user data and privacy on your company’s website. A colleague voices concern that first-party cookies are often seen as non-essential and a breach of privacy. How do you respond?

In the context of digital advertising, what are third-party cookies?

What should a brand consider if it’s unsure whether to create a community or if it lacks the resources for a community team?

Fill in the blank: If you’re not prepared to invest time and energy into regular engagement with your community, you won’t be able to reap the benefits of ______________.

Which of the following is NOT a reason why a business might build a social media community?

You’re in a meeting with your marketing team discussing the performance of your company’s social media community. A new team member suggests tracking the company’s profit margin as a key performance indicator (KPI) for the social media community. How do you respond?

What is one of the key performance indicators (KPIs) for measuring the success of an online community?

You’re part of a team at your company that’s responsible for setting up an online community. While creating the strategy, one of your colleagues argues that considering an exit plan is unnecessary and a waste of time. How do you respond?

What are the two types of online communities?

When hiring a social media agency, what is one of the important questions you should ask?

What is a potential benefit of keeping social media management in-house?

What benefit does AI bring to scheduling social media posts?

Which of the following is an unethical use of social media automation and AI tools?

When integrating social media into your broader omnichannel strategy, it’s crucial to do which of the following?

How does omnichannel marketing impact a customer’s experience with a brand?

Download HubSpot Social Media Marketing II Answers – PDF

Which of the following is a primary advantage of using social media in omnichannel marketing?

How much of your advertising budget should go towards ad spend?

How much does the average organization spend on social media marketing per month (in US dollars)?

True or false? The Problem-Solution Framework involves showcasing the journey of a customer, from the initial awareness of the company’s product or service, through the decision-making process, and ultimately to the post-purchase experience.

True or false? Short-form videos are typically watched for less than 40% of their length.

True or false? First-party cookies allow businesses to analyze actions taken on other websites that were visited by a user.

True or false? AI can be used to generate content and create platform-specific messages and images in your brand voice.

True or false? The success of an agency’s efforts should be measured by how many posts they can generate for your social media platforms.

True or false? An engaging story that connects with your audience is more important than having high-quality lighting and expensive equipment.

True or false? Most short-form videos are filmed horizontally.

True or false? AI can be a powerful tool for improving your social commerce strategy by developing content and automating customer support.

True or false? The Meta Conversions API only works effectively when used in conjunction with a browser pixel.

True or false? Christina Garnett, a HubSpot principal marketing manager, suggests that outsourced social media managers need the same type of resources and knowledge as an in-house social media manager.

True or false? AI can be used to tailor advertising content and target specific users based on their interests, demographics, and other data points.

True or false? In omnichannel marketing, it’s best to post the exact same content across all social media platforms.

True or false? When budgeting for social media advertising, you shouldn’t run the same ad across all platforms.

Which of the following should NOT be considered when setting a social media budget?