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The Sizmek Ad Suite Certification validates an individual’s technical proficiency in Sizmek Ad Suite.

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Amazon Sizmek Ad Suite Certification Details:

  • Questions: 48 questions
  • Pass rate: 80% or higher to pass
  • Retake period: 24 hours
  • Validity Period: 12 Months

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For taking the Amazon Sizmek Ad Suite Exam follow the below steps

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👣 Step 2: Start your exam.

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If email is the selected delivery method of an aggregated report, the report can only be sent to the report owner’s email address.

Once a placement is created and saved, you can modify the placement type.

Path to conversion reports can include multiple advertisers’ data.

You must be connected to a VPN in order to access SAS RDF server.

Users under the same SAS account cannot be restricted to specific advertisers.

History log stores data about edits to entities for 30 days. Edit logs older than one month are automatically deleted.

A delivery group cannot be replaced if attached to a live placement.

In most scenarios, Tag Manager code changes throughout the pages of a website.

Placement status doesn’t affect the placement tag publishing process.

Tag Manager activity rules can be based on multiple criteria.

SAS retargeting activities can be used to create target audiences in SAS.

Download Amazon Sizmek Ad Suite Certification Answers – PDF

In-banner placement tags can be generated as one of these format options: script, iFrame and auto-detect type.

Raw data feeds are event-level raw data files exported from SAS.

Sizmek Ad Suite offers multiple options for creative authoring, streamlined campaign management, advanced dynamic creative optimization, and Media Rating Council-accredited measurement.

The Tag Tester tool browser icon will activate only on pages with the Tag Manager implemented.

If variables/parameters are to be passed through a noscript Tag Manager code the webmaster needs to add them manually.

Metadata file names contain the word “match” and are also called match files.

Each new RDF must be activated in SAS.

SAS Tag Manager can be generated in both JavaScript and noscript format.

Path to conversion reports can include data from different campaigns under a single advertiser.

P2C reports can include each conversion and the associated parameters, including custom parameters.

Once disabled in a delivery group, the ad is no longer in creative rotation and stops being served.

Fields from all three metric groups (conversion activity, conversion path, and winner event) can be combined in a P2C single report.

Upon deploying a code on a website, the tag administrator has the power to control when and where will the activities fire. There is usually no need to further touch the website for any additional tag implementation.

Download Amazon Sizmek Ad Suite Certification Answers – PDF

Site visits are included as events in the path to conversion report but they are never the winner event.

A placement tag will serve default ads when the stop serving condition is met, unless the placement tag is disabled by the publisher.

SAS raw data feeds cannot be generated ad-hoc, they can only be scheduled.

What do all three report types in SAS have in common?

Expert attribution (a premium feature) is enabled when a custom path length is set to include more than ___ events.

Which attribution model serves as a baseline for collecting advertiser’s conversion data?

Which of the following statements are true in regards to noscript tag implementation? Select All Correct Responses

Anna’s user permissions allow her to access multiple agency accounts in SAS. How does she pull reports for a single agency account?

Karina’s main campaign KPIs are CTR and impressions delivered. Which type of report is the best option to get this data?

Match the cost models with the units they represent.

Which is the recommended communications protocol value for a Tag Manager?

Can you access SAS from the Sizmek Tags Tester tool and how?

Which placement types require creative attached in order to complete trafficking and generate placement tags?

Anna has access to multiple accounts in SAS and she is setting up a conversion RDF for all of them. By default (no additional settings applied) the system will generate:

Download Amazon Sizmek Ad Suite Certification Answers – PDF

Which section is the Tag Manager “publish” button located in the SAS UI?

What is true for environments where JavaScript tags are not allowed or supported?

These are added to URLs to pass relevant campaign, placement, ad ID details to a third-party measurement system.

When do you need to re-implement the Tag Manager on a webpage?

Select the Tag Manager code that matches the settings shown in the screenshot.

Attributes such as entity name, entity ID, date, duration, etc. which populate SAS report headings are also known as:

Ivan is about to launch a customer campaign across three sites with multiple banner sizes and a budget allocated per site. The most effective way for Ivan to traffic the campaign and track overall data and spend per site would be to:

Which types of campaigns can you include in SAS P2C reports?

If you see red highlighted fields in your clickthrough and events spreadsheet during import validation it means that:

Jessica wants to create a report using a template that Anna has created. How can she do this?

How many different code versions are generated for each Tag Manager?

John is running a test campaign with CTR as the main KPI. He is trafficking five ads per placement and wants to make sure the best performing ads are displayed more often to end users. Which setup is best suitable to John’s goal?

What are the key benefits of correlation between master ad and placement ad(s)?

All creative assets under your account are stored in a location called:

The type of third-party activity fired independently from any other SAS activity (added in the “Then” section of an activity rule) is called:

What is the default counting method for sales conversion activities?

What type of logic is used for Tag Manager activity rules?

When recording conversion third-party activities for sites, instead of reporting the activity to all sites, only a single site is informed of the conversion, according to to the attribution model selected. This process in SAS is called:

A customer searched online for a truck to rent and “Trucksy” came up as one of the results. Upon clicking on the paid search ad, they were taken to the “Trucksy” webpage where a Tag Manager triggered a conversion activity. Which of the following site activities was triggered in this case?

Which tool in SAS is used for mass creative upload?

Download Amazon Sizmek Ad Suite Certification Answers – PDF

Samira is running a multi-ad campaign for a transport company and she needs each vehicle model’s ID passed from the creative to the clickthrough URL. How can she achieve this?

What is the maximum number of tracking events you can add to a tracking placement?

Data obtained by setting the line ID is passed to third-parties via:

Tania is about to send placement tags to publishers. Some publishers are asking for different placement tag formats while others require different tag protocols. What is the best option for Tania to manage these requests?

A delivery group is running four ads in sequential rotation with frequency cap set at three impressions per user per day. Which creative instance will load when served for the fourth time to the same user in the same day?

What is the best mapping option for a page button element located within an iFrame source?

Michael is looking for a report which will list out attributes of the path to conversion events such are ad names and publisher sites running the ads. Which report field type is the best option for Michael?

Which type of activities can be added to activity rules in SAS?

Anthony needs to do an in-depth analysis of how customers interacted with the advertiser’s ads. Which type of report will provide the best insights to Anthony?

Jason works for an advertiser called “Velda&Waag” who just set up a new Tag Manager in SAS and generated the tag code. What is the first step they should take in order to fully utilize benefits of Tag Manager, before sending the tag code to the webmaster for implementation?

Which settings tab is used to set up verification and viewability?

Lisa wishes to review a conversion report which lists out all dimensions related to the conversion-winning event, such as event date or event location (country). Which report field type is the best option for Lisa?

Which of these tag codes are in script format?

How far in advance can raw data feeds be scheduled?

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