5 Significance Differences Between Web Hosting And Domain Registration

Having your own website is one of the best feelings. People who can’t own big showrooms can make use of the website to sell their products. Creating a website is not an easy job and requires a lot of skills and research. There are two main steps involved in the creation of a site; Domain name and web hosting. A domain name is the website address that you see at the top of the web browser. A domain name is in the form of www.yourname.com. There are several other Domain Name Servers available today, such as .Net, .Org, .Edu, .Gov, .Biz and many more. The type of DNS you want to take basically depends upon the type of website you have.

differences between web hosting and domain registration

If you are a non-technical guy, then it can be a tricky process for you to design and develop a website. After knowing the difference between a domain name and web hosting, you’ll be in a better position to create a website. Domain registration & web hosting are two different processes, but both of them are necessary for the creation of a website and turning it live on the internet. Simply put, the domain has to be registered with a domain registration company. After registering the domain name, the next step is to get the same hosted on the internet, which can only be done through a web hosting company.

This process doesn’t seem so easy because the companies that offer domain registration also provide web hosting, whereas some companies only offer web hosting or domain registration. If you desire to keep it simple, then you can get a domain name and web hosting from the same website. You can get them from separate companies as well. Some companies offer great deals on domains, while some provide great packages on web hosting, so you can save money on buying both of them from different companies.

People get confused with domain registration and web hosting, so let me just differentiate between these two, so that you can get a better idea.

1. Domain Registration is the process in which you will register your domain. You must have seen sites www.ebay.com, www.amazon.com and many more. This is called the domain name. eBay or Amazon is the name, and .com signifies that the website is for commercial use. If I am not wrong, (.com) is the most popular DNS extension used in the world today. There is no role of web hosting when getting a domain.

2. Once you have picked the domain name, then you have to find the company where you can host your website. Hosting is the process in which you will upload all the data related to your website, which include text, audio, and video. Things you see on the sites consist of these three things only; therefore, they have to be stored somewhere. Hosting is the place or station where all the files are stored so that you view the enticing version of those on your website.

3. You have to buy a domain at the beginning, and that’s it, there is no further payment or charges to renew the domain. Whereas in hosting, you will have to renew it after every year or a specific period of time.

4. Both domain and web hosting are incomplete with each other. If you have a domain name, then you need a hosting to make your website live, whereas, hosting without a domain name is not feasible.

5. A domain name can’t have downtime, whereas a hosting can suffer from downtime if the servers are not working properly.

These are the five basic differences between domain registration and web hosting. In simpler words, a domain name is like a name (John, Juliet, etc.), whereas the hosting is like the house where they live with their luggage and several other items. You can buy a domain from one site and get the hosting from another, but you will have to define the Name Servers, in order to connect the domain name with the web hosting. You will have to copy the name servers from where you have registered your domain and paste it at the right spot on the web hosting website. Once the hosting website picks up the name servers, it will automatically turn your website live through the new hosting.