5 Online PDF Helpers That Do Hard Work For You

If you are fed of managing the PDF files on your device and want to organize them, online PDF tools can help you. These tools allow you to make changes in the documents and keep them secure without losing important data.

But before going to talk about these tools, we will talk about an opposite scenario. Imagine you have to manage all the PDF files manually on your device.

It would take a lot of time and hard work to organize all the files manually. The reason is that you would have to change the format of files and then make changes there.

While doing all this, there are chances that you may lose the important content from there that could make trouble for you in the end.

To avoid all these issues, online PDF tools can be a handy option as they play the role of helper and do hard work with you. Let’s have a look at these online tools.

Top Online PDF Helping Tools

There is a list of online PDF tools that can help maintain your records. Each of the tools has its own features and works.

Here we will talk about the most important PDF tools that are needed of the hour for everyone and can be worthy to use. Let’s have a look at these online tools and their work.

1.  Online PDF Merger

Keeping all the files dispersed in the folder can create a mess there. The reason is that you will have to go through the entire folder for searching a particular document. Also, there are chances that you may misplace some important files at a time when they are needed badly.

Therefore, the best solution for keeping the files in the device is by compiling all the documents with the same topic. This will help you maintain the records in a better way.

The easiest way of joining the PDF files in the device is by using an online PDF merger tool that offers a lot of features and increases the workflow. Let’s have a look at the top features of this online tool.

Online PDF Merger

  • Provides an option to upload multiple files at once and merge them all with a single click. This is an amazing element that can help you increase your productivity.
  • You can change the position of the document before combining them. This feature allows keeping all the files in a required sequence.
  • The working of the online PDF merging tool is quite simple. Anyone can understand the features of this online tool easily.
  • All the information provided from your side will remain secure here. The tool doesn’t share the files with any third party.
  • You can get all the benefits from this online tool for free. There is no need to pay for using this online tool.

2. Compress PDF

Keeping more number of PDF files in the folder can reduce the storage in the device. So, it is quite important to lessen the number of files in the folder. But what if all the PDF documents are important? Would you delete them from the system? Never!

Compress PDF

To lessen the number of PDF documents, you can get help from an online PDF compress tool that helps in cutting down the size of the document and managing the space in the device.

This is another amazing option that can be helpful for you. Let’s talk about the top benefits of this online tool in detail.

  • Don’t affect the quality of the file even after lessening the size of the document. That means you can get the new document with the same quality.
  • The working speed of the online PDF compressor is very fast. You don’t have to wait long for getting the new document.
  • The tool can be accessed on every device and browser. There is no specification for using this online tool for a particular device.
  • All the files provided browsed in this online tool remain secure. This option makes the tool a more reliable option for everyone.

3. PDF splitter

Suppose you have to send a specific part of the file to your colleagues. You are avoiding to send the entire content to them because of some privacy factors. So, the only option here is to split the file and take out the pages that you have to send.

PDF splitter

The most reliable way of separating the pages from your document is by using an online PDF splitter. Here you can select every single page that you want to detach and keep it in a new document.

Like other online tools, you can also avail of a lot of features in this online tool. Here we are going to talk about these tools in detail.

  • When you upload the file in this tool, it detaches all the pages on the screen and makes it easy for you to select the required pages.
  • The interface of this online tool is very simple to understand and use. You just have to upload the files and take out the pages that you want to keep isolated.
  • The tool doesn’t save your personal information in its database. This element makes it a more secure option.
  • You can get all the benefits from this online tool for free. There are no hidden charges that you have to pay before using it.

4. Word to PDF

You may have noticed that the documents used for official purposes are mostly kept in PDF format. The reason is that it helps in keeping the content and alignment the same everywhere. Therefore, sometimes, you may need to change the format of the file and convert it to PDF form.

Word to PDF

For making it possible, you can look for a word to PDF converter on the search engine and upload the files. Here you can quickly make changes in the layout of the document and make it a PDF. Let’s have a look at the top advantages of a word to PDF converter that will be helpful for you.

  • This online tool keeps the alignment of the content the same. That means you can get the content in PDF format same as it was in the Word document.
  • The working online Word to PDF converter is quite simple. Anyone can easily understand its features.
  • No matter whether the files are present on online platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive or they are available on the device, you can upload them all with a single click.
  • The tool automatically deletes all the provided information. This element makes it a more secure option for the users.

5. Lock PDF

The PDF file is itself a safe option as no one can make changes in the content unless the format is changed. But still, some files need additional security as they contain sensitive content. Therefore, you have to be very careful while keeping those particular documents.

Lock PDF

To increase the security factor of the files, you can get help from an online PDF protector and set a password for the file. This will help in reducing security concerns and help you make the content protected. Let’s have a detailed view of the amazing advantages that you can avail of from this online tool.

  • With the help of this protection tool, you can set a limit on editing, viewing, and printing of the content. So, other people can use the file as per settings.
  • The information that you provide here in the tool remains confidential. This tool doesn’t share the files with others.
  • You can get access to this online tool on every platform regardless of the device and browser. There is no restriction on using it on any device.
  • All the benefits offered by the online PDF locker are free. You don’t need to pay for the tool before using it.

Bottom Lines

If you are worried about the file management in the device and want to make them secure without losing the data, online PDF tools can be an effective choice. The reason is that these online tools let you make changes in the content without any hurdle and make the working speed fast.

All the top elements that you can get in an online PDF tool are discussed here. You can manage the documents by merging, splitting, compressing the size, changing their format, or locking them to make them secure.

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