How to unleash the power of Facebook Power Editor?

Facebook is one of the most efficient marketing tools. In fact, if you can use Facebook properly for marketing, you may get better results than any other marketing tool. If you don’t know how Facebook, a social media website, has become a marketing tool, let me tell you. The number of Facebook members is more than the population of China. You can’t imagine how many people regularly use Facebook. If you can attract those people with ads so that they purchase your products, your business will have a great boost. Facebook has the option to give advertisements on it.

unleash power of Facebook Power Editor

Facebook Power Editor

If you are looking forward to setting up a marketing campaign on Facebook, then you may want to gather some knowledge about Facebook Power Editor. This tool allows you to target the best audience for your marketing campaign. That means, if you use Facebook Power Editor, your ads will reach only those people who are potential customers. Pretty cool, right? Not only that but also you can select a good placement on the Facebook page for your ad and create bulk ads with only a few clicks.

How to effectively use Facebook Power Editor

Though the Facebook Power Editor is a very effective marketing tool, you can’t think that the Power Editor will do everything for you and you don’t need to give any effort at all. You need to give time and patience to get the best results. Handling the power editor is very easy. You will learn that in no time once you start to use it.

Before starting a marketing campaign, you need to open a Facebook fan page for your company or the products of your company. Then, you have to select the Facebook Power Editor from your personal profile. You will find the option to add Power Editor in “Use Facebook As” section. Then you can select the page at which you want to use the Power Editor.

After you have chosen Power Editor for a particular Facebook fan page administrated by you, it is necessary to write a good post from the page. No matter how many people see your post, the post won’t bring you any good if the quality of the post is below par. You should add an interesting image too. For redirecting traffic to the website of your organization, you should add the link of your company’s website too.

When you have a decent post, you are ready to promote the post and advertise your organization. You need to open Power Editor and click on Recent Campaigns. From that option, you can create a new campaign. At the top, you will see “Ads” and click on it. From the options, select Create Ad. You need to pay some money here. You should name the ad, define your target and set the budget.

The objective should be posted engagement at the initial stage of your business. You need more people to know about your page and like the posts and comment on them. The more the people interact with your post, the more the chances are to make the campaign successful.

Placement of the ad is very important as well. If you place the ad somewhere which can’t draw that much interest to people, then it is totally useless. You can select the News Feed for both mobile and desktop. The ad shouldn’t appear more than once as you don’t want to annoy the fans with tons of ads.

Defining the audience is another great feature of Facebook. Your ad needs to appear only on those people’s News Feeds who are potential buyers. You can define the audience from the Connections option. Your target audience should be the actual friends at first. Then gradually you can add non-fans who seem to have some interest.

Finally, you need to pay Facebook some money. It depends on how fast you want results. If you give more money to Facebook, your ads will reach more people and your ad will be live at peak hours when more people are online. Setting the budget, you can finally make your ad live. If you follow these steps correctly, then your Facebook marketing campaign can become a very successful one.