A list of cool games you can keep in mind when planning an awesome birthday party

Both adults and children love playing games when it comes to birthday parties. You can find categories such as singing games, stunts, mental games, and contests. Birthday party games can be engaging, surprising, active, and stimulating, and the best part is at the end you will win a prize that you can take home with you.

cool birthday party games

1. Cotton Nose

After you and your guests play a couple of rounds of this game, you will understand exactly why so many people love to play this funny game. All that you need to supply for the game is a large bowl of cotton balls and a jar of petroleum jelly. Your guests will need to be standing in a circle around a small table or a kitchen table. Apply a large amount of the petroleum jelly to each one of your participant’s noses and hand the bowl of cotton balls to the person who will be going first. The player will need to plunge their face into the bowl only one time, with the attempt to get as many cotton balls stuck on there as possible. You will then pass the bowl around the circle until each person has played. At the end count the cotton balls on each player and the one who has the most wins. Confirm that you have some paper towels ready to clean up after the game is over.

2. Blind Sketching

Blind sketching is yet another game that is really fun and can be appropriate for any age group. You will need to supply enough washable markers, paper, prepared lists of 5 or more objects, and bandanas to each one of the players. Some of the objects you can include on the list might be a saucer and cup, rake, car, flower, and fork. Make it fun and find some simple objects that you can incorporate into the theme of your party, but don’t select objects that are going to be a challenge to draw. Have your players look at the list for a few minutes without sharing any thoughts with any of the other players.

When you give the word, each person should blindfold themselves, so they are unable to see their blank piece of paper. On their sheet of paper, the players will draw one of the objects that you provided on the list. When all guests have finished drawing all of the objects, each person will hold up their drawings while the others try to guess what they have drawn. The player who has the largest amount of drawings guessed right would be the winner

3. Great Balloon Battle

This game is sure to please anyone that is attending your party. Divide up your guests into four separate teams and supply each team with one color of balloons different from the others. Each player will receive only one balloon and a piece of construction paper that will work as a fan. The teams will stand on each corner of the square area for playing, one team on one side of the area. When you give the signal, all the players will run into the middle of the area and start tossing their balloons into the air. Each team will try to keep their own balloons up in the air while they fan their paddle to knock out the other balloons of the other teams.

A referee will need to gather all of the balloons that are knocked onto the ground and place them out of the playing area. The team that has the most balloons still in play when the rest have been knocked out will be the winners.

It’s not challenging to find great games that children will love to play along with the adults. Make sure that you provide all of the necessary equipment and supplies that will make game playing easier on them.