The Major Features and Advantages of QuickBooks Hosting

Most companies use the QuickBooks application to organize their business and financial information all in one place. This program can be very useful if you consider QB remote access.

The QuickBooks cloud hosting supports all versions and editions of QuickBooks, and users can upgrade their QuickBooks company file older version to a newer version if required without upgradation charges and do not interrupt their work environment. And user can also easily save a backup copy of their QuickBooks data files from the server to the local computer and vice versa.

Features of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

There are many important features of QuickBooks hosting:

  1. QuickBooks hosting is a dedicated hosting program for secure and reliable data usage of the users.
  2. The cloud hosting technology provides a secure setup on a high-speed terminal server to connect to the server from anywhere.
  3. It provides 99.9% uptime, and users can access the server from anywhere, anytime.
  4. Cloud hosting firms provide free 24×7 technical support through phones, email, and chat.
  5. QuickBooks hosting provides automatic complete data backup functionality on the server, and promised disaster recovery.
  6. It provides a complete printing solution to print and scan a document, check and invoices from the hosted server using a local printer and scanner.

The cloud hosting services are offered by the application hosting providers to the CPAs, accountants, and bookkeeping professionals. The QuickBooks cloud hosting provider host and support almost versions and edition of QB to their cloud platform. The extra benefit of QuickBooks cloud hosting, users can install many other QuickBooks integrated add-ons plugins such as, Method CRM, DASH, etc.

Benefits of QuickBooks Cloud Hosting
  1. Reduce IT Costs and Maintenance:

Many companies spend a lot of money on IT infrastructure and technical guys to manage their IT departments. But if you want to move your data to the hosting company’s servers then your IT costs will dip down and save you a big amount of money. This implies you do not need to invest a large amount in IT management. If you think about QuickBooks Hosting, then you will get all-time access to IT experts’ teams who can quickly assist if you are having any problems.

  1. Anytime Anywhere Accessibility:

QuickBooks Remote Hosting allows users to access their company files on DaaS Cloud anywhere anytime through any network devices such as Windows PC, MAC, iPhone, or Android devices, this means you can access your data from your work office or home using a laptop or PC with internet connectivity.

  1. Free Technical Support:

The hosting company also provides 24x7x365 technical support via phones, chat, emails, and remote assistance without any cost.

  1. Security and Reliability:

Suppose you are working for entire days to handle your financial calculation, suddenly power fails, or your office server goes down; in this case, you will lose all your entries. QuickBooks hosting companies provide complete availability of client data despite any mishap or any natural calamities. The hosting company puts your data in multiple locations to avoid any disaster. Most of the hosting providers set up a daily backup on your QB database so that they can restore your entries if you ever lose a grip on your data or corruption in company files.


QuickBooks Cloud Hosting is a one-stop solution for every accounting requirement and the right QB Hosting provider like Apps4Rent will help you to improve your efficiency by multiple folds. Apart from that Apps4Rent even assists in migration services like Migrate Email to Office 365 with top-notch IT support.

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