Seven Easy Tips That Help You to Lose Weight

When you ask someone to give you some tips to lose weight, what do you get in return? Generally, you get tips like performing tough physical exercises, maintaining a very tight diet which won’t let you eat almost anything and so on. After getting tips like these, do you get any inspiration to continue your efforts to lose the extra calories your body has absorbed? Most people get disheartened after getting such tips and give up their efforts. I would like to recommend some tips as well. But the main difference between my tips and the traditional ones is, my tips are not that tough to carry out. Here we go:Easy Tips to Lose Weight

1. Walk

Do you like to gossip with your friends or family members? Then why don’t you gossip while walking? Go to a nearby park with one of your friends and talk about various facts while walking around the park. Walking is a great exercise which won’t make you tired too soon. And when you are walking and talking with someone, you won’t have your concentration at walking at all. You won’t be tired, but your job will be done. Seems fair enough?

2. Take Stairs

If you don’t live above the 6th floor, try the stairs instead of the elevator one or two times a day. If you find climbing the stairs too tough, use the stairs to get down once or twice a day. This shouldn’t be that tough. But some extra calories will be burnt.

3. Home Remedies

Try home remedies like green tea, lemon juice, and olive oil with your everyday meal. Home remedies can naturally burn the extra fat and improve the metabolism of one’s body. Some home remedies are quite tasty as well. For example, on a hot sunny day, a glass of cold lemon juice can give your heavenly peace. Other nutritious ingredients are very much available in these home remedies.

4. Drink Water

Drink a lot of water every day. For our body’s metabolism and fat burning, drinking enough water is a great strategy.

5. Avoid Eating Out

People tend to eat food full of fat and cholesterol when they are eating out. When we go to a restaurant and order food, all we think about is the taste of the food. The nutritious ingredients are totally ignored. Most of the tasty foods in restaurants contain fat and cholesterol, a lot of it. Try to eat at home most of the times. If you have to spend your lunchtime at the office, then take some food from home for lunch.

6. Easy Home Exercises

If you don’t want to perform heavy physical exercises at gyms, try some easier exercises at your home. For some of those exercises, you don’t even need equipment. Some general stretching or skipping won’t be too tough for you. These exercises are very effective to help you lose weight.

7. Keep a Record Book

For losing weight, the inspiration is very important. Sometimes inspiration can work better than anything. You may wonder, “From whom I can get the inspiration?” You don’t need to go too far for getting the answer to that question. You are the answer. You can be your own inspiration. Keep a record book. Every week, measure your body weight and compare that with the results from the previous week. If a few grams are reduced, you will be delighted to see your efforts being paid off. Thus you will get some inspiration to keep your efforts going. On the other hand, if the results are not satisfactory, you will try harder to get positive results. Keeping records are always great strategies for the ones who want to lose weight.


I have already told you, these are very easy tips. As they are easy, you shouldn’t have that much expectation of these. Yeah, you will lose weight by following these strategies. You need to follow them regularly, and you will lose weight slowly, but the results will sustain. For getting quick results, you must work a little harder. You have to try controlled diets and heavier physical exercises if you want immediate results from your effort. Now it’s totally up to you which type of approach you are going to take.

Roger Lacoste

Roger Lacoste is a health care professional and consultant who has years of experience under his belt. In his Leisure time, he browses the internet and research on weight loss. This article is the result of his research and here he tried to give some easy tips that help a person to lose weight easily.