Saving Power: 6 Handy Tips to Prolong Your Phone’s Battery Life

Phones have changed and developed so much since their early days. Back then, people used them for communication purposes. But as technology evolved, so did the use of phones. They work like handheld computers – small enough to be on your hand while offering different purposes. Aside from communication, many people use mobile devices for amusement and to keep track of the latest trends.

And as phones evolve today, many users may encounter different problems or hassles. Aside from your usual power issues, phone owners may face other tricky situations. They come in different kinds, from your typical how-to-use a new app scenario to something serious with hovering family members, such as knowing how to stop sharing location without them knowing. Such can have a severe impact on battery life. Nevertheless, if you are curious about how to extend your phone’s power, here are six tips to prolong its battery life.

1.  Avoid using your phone while charging it.

This one may be a no-brainer, but many people tend to forget or overlook it most of the time. Imagine this scenario: you are having a fun video call with your closest friends or relatives. Or if you are battling through an intense online game. Suddenly, your battery runs low, and it needs charging. Your most likely action will be to continue doing what you do while your phone is charging. However, this choice is a bad idea.

Battery issues are more likely to occur when you keep using your phone while it charges. The condition of your device’s power may weaken as you use it more after plugging it into an outlet. Your phone’s battery may drain quicker or, worse, bloat up. So when you are in the middle of a video call or an intense online game, you may want to finish it quickly or end it abruptly. Doing so saves your device’s battery in the long run.

2.  Turn the location function off.

Some apps will require you to turn your location on while you use them. From delivery to carpool-related things, these apps need to know your current location, so you will have no problems as you use them. But once you finish using them, you may forget to turn the location of your device off. Believe it or not, it can drain the life of your battery.

The location feature of your phone is not just for design, it also works as a GPS function, and if you leave this function on for a long time, it can drain the power of your mobile device faster. So turn the location off when you do not need it or after you use an app that requires your current location. As the GPS feature turns off, you prolong your device’s charge.

3.  Try dimming the brightness of your screen.

Increasing your mobile device’s brightness is an excellent way to ensure you can see what is on the screen well. From messages and chats to videos and games, it is easier to recognize what is on display if you raise the visibility of your screen. But despite making things more visible, your screen’s brightness can compromise your eyesight and your mobile device’s battery life.

Adjust your phone’s brightness regularly since the battery will drain faster when it is too bright. If manually changing the visibility is too much of a hassle for you, you can use the adaptive brightness function of your mobile device. This feature automatically adjusts your phone’s visibility depending on how bright or dark the area you are currently in is. Doing so extends your battery life and keeps your eyes healthier.

4.  Keep an eye out for the temperature of your mobile device.

Many factors can affect the temperature of your gadget. They include the current temperature, your phone activity, where you place your device while it charges, and so on. And while many people do not expect it, your phone’s heat can affect its battery’s condition.

Make sure your phone does not overheat when you use it! Like many other devices, high temperatures and overheating are hazards to your phone. You can avoid overheating your phone by placing it on a flat and sturdy surface while charging it or letting it rest after using it for hours. Avoid leaving your phone in a hot or humid place, too, as their temperature can affect your device’s battery.

5.  Close apps that you aren’t using.

People use different apps based on their preferences or lifestyle. These apps may include games, music, social media, streaming services, or dating-related programs. And after using these apps, many people may tend to head directly to their phone’s home button. If you want to prolong your battery’s life, you may want to avoid doing this action. Instead, make sure you close these apps properly.

Before heading to your phone’s home menu, always check if you have active programs on your recently used apps. If you do, always check that you close any apps you do not need. And if you press your device’s home option while leaving apps you need, such as timers, make sure to turn these apps off afterward, and doing so prevents these apps from draining your cellphone’s power.

6.  Use the adaptive battery function.

Your phone can go through a lot of activities depending on your lifestyle. For instance, if you tend to get bored pretty fast, you may download several games. Or, if you enjoy binge-watching movies or series, you may use your phone for hours to watch your favorite show or film. These almost non-stop activities can drain your mobile device’s power quickly, and you may want to use its adaptive battery function.

Generally, the adaptive battery function adjusts your phone’s power consumption. If your phone’s power becomes low, it will reduce your mobile device’s performance and background app activity. Furthermore, these features pair excellently with battery optimization, as the latter lets you run an app more as a background, even if the adaptive battery is on.

In a Nutshell,

Thanks to modern technology and innovation, phones have improved and evolved compared to their older versions. And as many people use their mobile phones most of the time, their power drains quickly, especially if they do not have any rest or breaks. These six tips are only some of the many things you can do to prolong your personal device’s power. For more tech tips and tricks, visit

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