Creating a Competitive Instagram Account: Tips For Bloggers and Businessmen

From a social network for communicating with friends and acquaintances, Instagram has become a powerful marketing tool for many people, with the help of which bloggers and businessmen promote their brands. Every day the audience of the platform is growing, and today the number of active IG users is estimated at millions. For many, the social network has become a place to relax from routine tasks: users like to look at beautiful pictures, observe the lives of other people, watch inspiring Reels and laugh at memes. And while the townsfolk scroll through the tape, lazily flip through stories, business accounts imperceptibly capture insta.

The number of influencers is growing every year. If earlier such a job could only be chosen by people known offline, now almost anyone can start the path in blogging. Of course, those who started to keep an Instagram account in the first years of its existence were the most lucky. Low competition, lack of diverse content, simple rules, and the growing popularity of the site – these factors played into the hands of bloggers and now they are the “old-timers” of the social network. Such blogs are popular to this day, the audience loves and appreciates them. Today, it has become much more difficult to get a piece of fame, despite the fact that training courses and services have appeared from which you can buy Instagram followers.

However, don’t despair, in order to succeed and create a solid account, you need to know where to start and how to effectively promote your profile.

The first step is to plan the concept. Don’t miss this important point, it will determine the common denominator of your blog. Think about what niche you want to occupy, who your target audience is, and decide on a public image. Look at your subscriptions on insta, and note for yourself what you like and what repels from the blogger. Analyze several accounts that have a similar theme to you, and try to come up with a unique “chip” that will distinguish you from competitors. With planning, you will create a clear action plan and a general idea of the blog you want to see.

Profile design. Before you start conquering the social network with your creativity, you need to create a profile that people will be pleased to subscribe to. At this stage, you have to come up with a nickname. It should be bright and memorable so that users can find your page from memory. It can be your pseudonym, name, or a reference to a profession. Don’t use an intricate nickname, it will confuse and alienate a potential subscriber. Minimize the use of dots, hyphens, and dashes, it does not look as aesthetically pleasing as a name of one or two words.

Next, you need to choose a simple, pleasant photo and set it as an avatar. It can be either a company logo or your successful portrait.

Fill in the “about yourself” fields. You have just a few suggestions to interest the reader. Write information about who you are, what you do, and what you have achieved in life. If you want, you can use bright emoticons to highlight important words, this will attract the attention of a potential subscriber. Do you run other social networks or sell products on the site? Attach a link, it will help people get to know you or your business better.

A blogger or businessman without subscribers is like a fish without water. No one wants to create or waste their time and effort if there is no one to evaluate it. Many users succumb to the herd feeling, so if they are interested in you, they may not subscribe to you because they will not see much activity of people in the profile. They will begin to doubt that your page deserves attention. Therefore, it’s necessary to have a significant number of subscriptions to an account even in the first stages. Use the chance to buy instagram followers cheap. After the promotion, you can start using organic ways of promotion:

  • Put hashtags and geotags so that potential viewers or customers can find you;
  • Use targeted advertising. Your ads will be seen only by those people who fit the parameters you have chosen;
  • Participate in like times and mutual subscriptions;
  • Comment on the publications of popular bloggers and enter into a dialog with their subscribers;
  • Configure traffic from other social networks;
  • Ask your family and friends to support you with subscriptions, likes, and comments.

Have you chosen a convenient way to promote yourself or have you decided how you will combine them? Great, now it’s time to create and publish content.

Determine the color palette that you like and correspond to the virtual image. Don’t try to publish as many posts as possible, there is no need for this. Focus not on quantity, but on quality. All photos and videos should look organic and look beautiful together, choose your favorite design and font. Netizens are real aesthetes who want to see a concise feed of posts. Therefore, pay a lot of attention to the visual concept.

​​Previously, influencers and business accounts did not have to put a lot of effort into attracting an audience, but now the mechanisms of the site have changed and the appetites of the audience have increased. In order to become popular, it’s not enough to publish photos regularly. Insta offers many options for the design of information:

  • Videos and animations.
  • The text is under the post. Many users log into the profiles of famous people to read their thoughts, opinions or personal history.
  • Stories. Content recorded in real-time attracts people even more than prepared posts. Some users have recently preferred to scroll through the feed of stories without viewing posts.
  • Live broadcasts. Do you like to communicate and know how to behave in front of the camera, do you feel free to show your real self? This format is perfect for you and will delight fans by asking questions and communicating with the blogger directly.
  • IGTV and Reels. Short videos are gaining popularity in insta, this is a great opportunity to attract an audience by showing your talent in shooting, acting, and directing.

By regularly posting high-quality content that corresponds to the plan, communicating with subscribers, using various formats, and combining promotion methods, you will be able to create a competitive account. Don’t give up trying to get a portion of fame and win the hearts of millions of people, even if it will be difficult at first. Believe in yourself, and good luck!

Holli Snow

Holli Snow is the writer of this article and a professional blogger. Her hobbies are reading and writing, which he spends most of his time partaking in. She wrote this article to outline the vital guidelines for SEO, SEM, Web hosting and designing, hoping to provide her readers with the tools to determine the right web host for them.

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