What Are The Must Have Features Of Web Host To See Before You Buy A Hosting?

While choosing the right web host, it is important to have some must-have features. People who plan on buying the hosting always spend time on the internet reading all the information about what a hosting should have. This proactive behavior helps them in getting the right web hosting service for their domains. A web host has to be equipped with the latest technologies. You can’t trust all what is written on the Homepage of the web hosting service that, ‘we are the best’; ‘nobody provides a better service than us’ and similar sort of thing. It is crucial that you decipher all the truth. There are some features that a web host service must have and there are some, which don’t matter as much. In this article, I will discuss those must-have features so that you don’t end up buying a hosting in a web host where there are no suitable features according to your requirements. Just have a look at these five features, and you will feel as if you are almost there.

Web Host To See Before Buy A Hosting

1. Control Panel

If there is any place you’ll be visiting after getting the hosting, then that’ll be Control Panel. Therefore, it should be easy to use and must have all the features you need. Currently, there is only one control panel named cPanel, which provides the best control panel user experiences among all others. There are 42 different icons, shopping carts, 50 most used PHP scripts, forums and a WordPress Blog for you. These features are quite useful in day to day use, so as a web savvy, you need to have these features on your control panel.

2. 24×7 Support

A web host must be available for you around the clock. An efficient web host will make use of powerful servers, but just in case, something happens, you need to have a reliable tech support to which you can properly address your problems. This will help keep your website up and running continuously. The servers must be efficient to locate the problems and repair them. If your website gets down, then your sales, visitors and everything you have achieved in that time frame would be gone. You have to check your server load and memory in case you find your site to be down. Many web host services provide firewall, so you can ask your web host, if they provide it or not. A firewall can save your website from viruses, hackers and any other malicious components.

3. Efficient and Reliable servers

If you wish to see your website run without having any downtime or any other problem, then you should find a web host with a reliable server. A good web host server will have multiple hard drives, efficient RAM, latest CPUs, reliable power supply, quality motherboards, cooling, and testing system for all the servers. These components will ensure efficient working of the servers without any downtime.

4. Linux Servers

Linux is a better Operating system than Windows. You must ensure that you have the Linux servers for hosting your files because Windows servers are not good enough to handle large files. Moreover, Linux is more secure than the Windows server. There is no need to install Linux on your computer. A web host having Linux servers is good enough for its customers. Linux can handle larger loads than any other Operating systems. Virus protection is also better in Linux.

5. Extras

The above mentioned four features are essential with operations and security perspective. But there are several other features that you would like to see your web host giving to you. These features can consist of offers and discounts, graphics, subdomains, blogs, paid pages and interesting facts to add to the websites, forums and plenty more. These features are given to attract the customers, which is a good move because customers like to see the extras that are provided by the companies. These were the five must-have features that you have to look out for when buying a web hosting.