Why Google Drive Extension Is the Ultimate Stressbuster for Sales Reps?

The best time to cheer up and celebrate is when the sales targets are filled up or exceed the quotas. And the sales reps get the highest accolades and reputation for it.  However, when the administrative tasks like files and folder management of each client are palmed off on the sales rep alongside the target, it leads to multitasking. And it has effects on productivity. Study shows that multitasking results in 40% less productivity— an alarming situation often overlooked by companies. 

Things get worse when large client base folders and file management entail occupying half of the sales team who would otherwise be able to spend more time luring more prospects. Assuming you are using Google Drive for file management, how about a Zoho extension that will let you do the task right from Zoho CRM? Here comes Zoho Google Drive integration— a bidirectional plugin that creates files and folders in Google Drive from Zoho CRM and vice versa. Let’s see how this plugin is a stressbuster for the sales reps.  

Less Worry Results in More Productivity 

Handling a competitive sales flow with potential leads while managing files from the Zoho CRM is not right up the sales reps’ alley. It causes them to fret, and too much tension is never good for aiding sales. Besides, managing two platforms – Zoho CRM, and Google Drive individually is utter madness. Hence, the sales team gets perplexed and gives no positive outcome. 

With the integration, the entire process gets automated. That means you don’t have to leave the Zoho CRM. You can maneuver the whole process from folder creation to file upload within the Zoho CRM resulting in no toggling between the multiple apps. There will be a downpour of productivity, and it’s guaranteed. 

Time to Say Goodbye to Burnout  

About 51% of employees make mistakes when they are tired. The sales reps often do more tasks with utmost care and diligence, more than their capacity. And mistakes can happen if they are persistently nagged to maintain the files by creating the folders and subfolders while ensuring their correct directory. What disconcerts them the most is the sheer number of clients in their lead and deal stages. It requires them to upload all their pertinent information into the relevant folders by constantly jumping from CRM to Google Drive and vice versa. The mistake is inevitable then.

With the automation offered by this Zoho Google Drive extension, the prospects’ information needs no manual interference. Both the sales manager and reps can focus on something more impactful for the business while letting the automation identify the leads or deals and pre-populate the folders and subfolders based on their project type. It saves them from getting knackered, and the sales performance will never be impinged on due to their energy being restored to hitting their numbers.   

Good Mood Equals to Boosted Confidence

A seismic shift to the automation and integration with the extension lets the sales team manage everything from one centralised system. The process is bidirectional, meaning anything they upload, add, or delete on Zoho CRM will reflect on Google Drive or vice versa. 

Google Drive automation with zoho

It means the teams revive their energy to continue their sales effort in full swing without getting irritated and distracted. Now, the sales reps can handle the administrative task in a more technical shortcut while setting the record in beating the KPIs. And nothing boosts the confidence level more than achieving KPIs regularly. 

Final Words

No wonder the sales manager and the sales reps complement each other in relation to accelerating the sales and growth of a company. But they have specific purposes. The sales manager oversees how the macro-management is performed throughout the sales flow. On the other hand, the sales reps get absorbed into making the highest sales, fulfilling their target. But when the administrative tasks are bestowed upon the sales team, they can get easily distracted. Frustration engulfs them as they need to convince the prospects to turn them into fruitful leads through proper nurturing.

The Zoho integration with Google Drive, developed by SaasPlugin, can amplify your overall sales promotions while letting the automation of the extension takes care of the rest. After all, it’s your sales reps who keep the revenue flowing. So, reducing their stress pays off, and the Google Drive extension is programmed to do that.

Holli Snow

Holli Snow is the writer of this article and a professional blogger. Her hobbies are reading and writing, which he spends most of his time partaking in. She wrote this article to outline the vital guidelines for SEO, SEM, Web hosting and designing, hoping to provide her readers with the tools to determine the right web host for them.

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