The Rise of TikTok and Snapchat: Reaching Gen Z Students through Ephemeral Content

Social media is a tool that has changed humanity forever. It has transformed how we interact, access information, and much more. However, TikTok and Snapchat have taken this change to the next level through ephemeral content. Students, especially Gen Z, use these platforms. To reach the most people within this generation, consider using these tools.

To know how to reach these students, you must understand how these platforms work. Also, you must learn the best way to utilize ephemeral content to reach these kids. Keep reading this article to find out more.

Understanding Gen Z’s Love for TikTok and Snapchat

The first step in learning how to communicate effectively with Gen Z students is understanding their favorite social media platforms. These categories of students grew up during the time of social media and smartphones. They developed interaction with this technology. As such, these kids are mobile-centric and tech-savvy.

As they matured, different technological evolution happened. Therefore, newer and better technologies were continuously made one after the other. As such, this generation of kids never passes the opportunity to immerse themselves in new and authentic experiences. Hence, the quick transition from technological milestone to another made Gen Z hungry for new things and ideas.

On the other hand, TikTok and Snapchat leveraged these tendencies by creating short content for Gen Zs to consume. Therefore, the initiatives of these platforms perfectly matched what the students are looking for.

Snapchat’s Approach

Snapchat was the first platform to present ephemeral content to the public. This platform has a simple idea of posts that disappear in a short time. Although this idea felt strange to many, it struck accord with the Gen Zs. It offers this generation a sense of exclusivity and urgency of being the few privileged to view content. This simple yet powerful strategy solidified Snapchat’s status among Gen Z students.

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Below is a description of how the Snapchat strategy works.

  • It gives users access to stories in moments. You can share live events and daily experiences using Snapchat Stories. As such, this feature generates real-time engagements that Gen Zs very much desire.
  • Lenses and geofilters are excellent tools for providing immersive and interactive experiences. Using this feature lets you develop lenses or filters for events, specific locations, or campuses, which amplifies brands within Gen Zs.
  • Snapchat gives you access to curated content from influencers and publishers. Many Gen Zs love partnering with popular users to have their content featured in the Discover section of this app.
  • With Group Chatting, users can talk about the latest trends or gossip.
TikTok’s Approach

TikTok is a phenomenon when it comes to short content. It lets people upload videos of not more than 60 seconds, which allows users to display their creativity. You can see this link for more information regarding the effect of this app. Below are reasons why Generation Z loves TikTok.

  • Gen Z students have very short attention spans. Therefore, the content type popularized by TikTok is perfect for these categories of students. It delivers concise messaging to audiences without them losing interest.
  • Authentic content thrives on this platform. Also, this generation of learners loves to see authenticity and personality.
  • There are lots of trending challenges people can participate in. Likewise, Gen Z users love jumping on the bandwagon, which makes for a perfect match-up.
  • TikTok lets you superimpose any sound on your content. This feature is very popular among younger students.
Engaging with Generation Z Students

To effectively reach this category of audience, you must speak their language. You can do this by leveraging the following.

Embrace Authenticity

Creating short yet unique videos can catch the attention of this class of students. Therefore, make your brand content as original as possible.

Partake in Challenges

Join the fun by participating in challenges. Doing this builds your audience and generates traction.

Use Interactive Features

Use the most popular features used by Gen Zs on TikTok and Snapchat when making content. Doing this increases your chances of going viral and generating engagement.

Final Thoughts

TikTok and Snapchat are two favorite social media apps used by Gen Z students. Each tool offers unique features that make it appealing to these categories of learners. However, each platform follows a different approach. In either case, engaging with Generation Z students means you must embrace authenticity in content creation. You will also have to partake in challenges and use interactive features.