Facebook’s New Pages Experience 2022

Facebook has rolled out a new page experience feature. The new page layout will help businesses build a better professional image and connect with their audience.

Let’s understand the opportunities the New Pages Experience brings for businesses.

How is the New Pages Experience Different?

New Pages Experience

Facebook’s new Pages experience introduces these changes:

  • Smooth and well-organized layout
  • Convenient switching between the user’s personal profile and business page
  • Professional dashboard for quick control and management of activities
  • Customized feed for smooth interaction with people on Facebook

Switching between a personal profile and a business page is very easy. It can be done by clicking the menu icon on the business page.

How Will Facebook New Pages Experience Help Businesses?

FB New Pages Experience

Facebook has shared useful tips for businesses to make the most out of its new pages experience:

  • Complete Setup
    Add basic details about your business in the appropriate sections like, ‘About’ ‘Profile Photo’, ‘Cover Photo’, ‘Contact Information’, and ‘Business Hours’.
    You can also add relevant CTAs and set Page Admins for smooth management
  • Increase Audience
    Build connections by inviting friends, family members, and clients to engage with your business page by replying to the comments.
  • Quality Content
    Make your content reach more audiences by using trending and relevant hashtags. Share posts in at least 3 of your Facebook groups.
    Add your Instagram profile link to share the information with your followers there.
  • Engage with Followers
    Facebook advises businesses to engage with their followers constantly. Involve in comments and conversations on your business page to build experiences.
  • Safe and Secure Page
    Keep your business page safe and secure by:
    – Setting up 2-factor authentication.
    – Using safe comment tools.
    – Taking action on the hacked profiles.

­­­­Experience the New Pages Experience!
­Facebook is making constant efforts to make the platform better for its users. This new page update will help small and medium-sized businesses to engage better with the audience.

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